Tuesday, September 07, 2010

These are pictures from Malaya's 7th birthday party. She wanted to have it outside at the park nearby which seemed like a good idea. I wouldn't have to clean up the house before or after the party. However, it turned out to be a rather chilly day with a nice breeze. The kids had fun anyway and that's what's important!

This was Malaya and Sirena patiently waiting for the kids to arrive. We had to get to the park early to set up and decorate. This really test the girls patience.

When we got a good group of kids, we all went to the playground part of the park. There were swings and slides and other fun things for the kids to do to build up their appetites.

This was Malaya's birthday cake. The theme of the party was butterflies. The ladybugs were a special addition for Sirena since she loves ladybugs.

She blew out all the candles in one breath, without any help from Willie! Willie blew out Sirena's candles when she had her party so I had to remind him that he wasn't allowed to blow these candles!

Of course everyone loved the cake. It was super yummy!!

We also had bubbles for the kids to play with when we weren't at the playground. I think most of the solution ended up on the ground!

Here are the kids after the pinata was broken.

People often think that the girls might be lacking "social" skills. But I think it's evident from these pictures that they aren't hurting for friends. In fact, both Malaya and Sirena had declarations of love made to them at the party so I don't think I need to worry about them except to fend off the boys when they get older!