Saturday, July 04, 2009

We have been working hard in our yard this week. The weather has been so awesome that we just had to get outside. The girls weren't too helpful with putting down the dirt and steer manure but really got involved when we started planting the flowers. I will have to take some pictures of what we've been doing because the planter around our deck looks so nice now after all of our hard work. So, here are my little helpers.

Here is Sabbath at our house! I couldn't resist taking this picture. Actually, none of them are really asleep. They were just resting after lunch but they looked so comfy. Now, how do I get rid of this underlined text?

What we really did Sabbath afternoon is go to a park and try geocaching again. This time, we had a GPS unit that is super easy to use. We looked for 4 caches but only found 2. I'm guessing we still have to gain an eye for where things are hidden. Sometimes you really have to look hard to find a cache. Here's a picture of the girls sharing a toy they found in the geocache. I haven't let them take anything before because you're supposed to replace whatever you take with something else. We haven't carried anything with us to put in the boxes. However, since we've found three caches so far and each time the girls get excited to see what's inside, I decided they could take something this time. They chose a rubber snake. The next time we go to that park, we'll have to put something back in the box. So, this picture is them standing on the tree that the cache was hidden in.

Today is the 4th of July and we've just had a great day. The weather has been awesome. Now, we're resting and cooling off until the sun goes down a little and we can light some fireworks. Hopefully we'll be able to stay awake until then!

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