Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday our church didn't hold any services because it's campmeeting. So, we decided to take another trip to the beach. The weather was much nicer this time and we enjoyed it a lot more.

Sirena is in a little puddle on the beach. The water was super warm and she had so much fun jumping in and splashing. Of course her clothes were really wet and she had to change them. I think the the next time we'll take swim suits. Even though it's not really warm here, it will make things a lot cleaner.
Of course we took buckets and shovels to try to make castles. We never quite got the sand to stick together. But we did find someone else who did. We found these huge sand sculptures. This is a giant ice cream cone which is fitting for our family. Overall, it was a great fun day.

Today we started our 4th of July crafting. We bought fun crowns and dingy boppers for the girls to wear to get in the spirit. Don't they look cute? They were cutting out red and blue stars to make into a mobile. We had to let them dry so tomorrow we'll put everything together and hang them from the light.

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