Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's the fun we had today in school. Actually, I think everyday of school is fun. I mean, we're doing kindergarten and preschool. How much more fan can school get!? I love teaching Malaya and Sirena. Sirena soaks up everything I say to Malaya. She will sit and play with her puzzles but hear every word I say. Then she'll blow me out of the water when she repeats something I told Malaya but didn't think she heard. Teaching Malaya is great too because she is actually learning. She doesn't just repeat back what I say but is starting to process the how and why of the things we study. So, no more talk from me ab out them. On to our school day.

We're taking the summer to review the Math that we learned last year. Here's an activity for Malaya. She drew two leaves from a bag with the numbers 0-20 on each leaf. Then she had to place them on her paper in the correct order to make a sentence leaf #1 is bigger than leaf #2. She did every combo she drew correctly.
Sirena also got to practice her numbers by putting them in order from 1-20. I give her a guide to help her know what each number looks like. She'll be able to do this without the guide someday but for now it's just getting her used to seeing numbers in print. She really likes this activity.
Malaya has decided that she doesn't like her reading book (100 easy lessons) anymore because it's in black and white and is "boring." So, I have to find another, more interesting way to keep teaching her to read. This week we are studing the word family -ace. This is an idea I got from another homeschooling blog. These are paint chips. She just moves the window down the paint chip to make all the words in the -ace word family. She's doing real good with these words.
The she did an -ace word find. These are still a little difficult for her but she did real well with the first one. Eventually, she'll get the hang of looking for words that go down, not only those that go across.Sirena worked on sequencing cards. This was a bit of a challenge because it had four cards to put in order. She's used to working with three pictures so adding another picture added some difficulty. But just like everything else, she'll get the hang of this quickly.After all the "seat work," we read our story Lentil again. This had been our book of the week. Today we talked about how transportation has changed over the last 70 years (Lentil was written in 1940). Then we went to the road to observe and count the types of transportation we have in our neighborhood. I wasn't sure if the girls would like this activity very much but they got super excited. They would jump out of their chairs and shout "a car. a car. a car." whenever one came by. Or the same with a truck or van or whatever we saw.
Then we went home and graphed our results. We saw the most cars and the fewest buses. But then I bet you could guess that, right!?

I thought today was a fun day. But Malaya said she wants tomorrow to be more fun. I guess that's the problem with fun, they always want more!

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Blessed Mama said...

love the leaf game, where did you get it??