Friday, June 19, 2009

Since I really am just starting to experiment with blogging, I decided to play around with things today. We've been sick this last week so there really isn't much to report about our lives. We're getting better. But, back to the topic of blogging. I decided that I wanted a super cute blog like everyone else has. I found a link to some free html templates. After closely examining them I can tell you, if someone didn't already make them, there's no way I could. Html is very complicated to me. What do all of those codes mean? I just really appreciate those computer geniuses out there who are willing to write a code and give it away so someone else can have a cute blog. I still need to play with how my pictures are displayed. And I also need some "followers." I don't really know what those are but since my new template has a place for "followers" I thought it would be cool to have some of them! Maybe if I had some, I'd be more motivated to write. And then my "followers" would have something to read. Ah, I see how it works.

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