Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today we started a new curriculum program call "Five in a Row." We are reading the book "Lentil" and then learning about topics addressed in the story. The book takes place in a small town in Ohio. So we learned where Ohio is in respect to our state, Washington. I don't have a wall map of the United States so we put together a puzzle of the US. This is Malaya and Sirena working on it.

After learning about each state's flags, birds, and flowers, we moved to working with the letter L (as in Lentil). This is Malaya with her lion mask. Sirena didn't quite finish hers. Maybe she'll work on it a little tomorrow too.

Of course, we are still studying space. We started to make our solar system today. This is Malaya painting Mercury. Tomorrow, if we have time, we'll work on Venus.

On another note, I'm realizing why I haven't ever tried blogging before. So far it's been too much trouble to try to work with photos. It's much easier to just upload them and then publish them without writing anything. Maybe I'll get the hang of it sometime. I'm still working on it!

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I'm Erin Leigh said...

Yay... I'm so glad you're blogging again. So are you home schooling now?!? I remember you mentioning it to me but I think then you were undecided. Hope to see you soon!