Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today the children's division put on the church service. The beginners and kindergarten classes sand two songs after the children's story. Here is Sirena trying to get to the front of the group. They were singing about Zaccheus.

Malaya was on the end and had all the room she needed to do her motions. I don't know why Sirena didn't stand next to Malaya but kids don't think that way. So, Malaya is doing the motions for the wise man/foolish man building their houses on rock/sand. They all did a really good job.

After lunch, we took Ko-Ko to an off leash dog park. We decided to try our hand at something called geocaching. To do it correctly, you need a handheld GPS device to which you enter the coordinates of a "cache." Then you go out and find it. We don't have a GPS device (yet) so we entered the coordinates into Google maps and got a satellite picture of the location. Then, we found that place and, after some hunting around, we found our first cache!
Joey says we cheated because we had a picture. But, I will argue that seeing a satellite picture is not neccisarily easier than having a GPS. We had to assume that where we were standing was the same place we were looking at in the picture. This one was pretty easy but I don't think we could do it this way for very long. I suspect we will be investing in a GPS device soon!

After the dog park, we went to the kids park. The playground is designed like a castle so the kids really like it. They played hard and now everyone is down for their Sabbath naps.

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Blessed Mama said...

we bought our gps specifically for geocaching...but we haven't gone yet! What is wrong with us?? I heard someone talking about letter boxing last night at the swim meet. I thought about you!