Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday I was feeling pretty disorganized and a little discouraged. I decided to do something about it and made some resolutions. First of all, we are not going to start any new projects until we finish what we are currently working on. So, today we finished Malaya's "book about me," her -ace words and I think we've pretty much rapped up our space exploration for now. I only took one picture during school today. This is Sirena eating astronaut food.
We talked about gravity and how astronauts would eat since their food would float up off their plate. So, we made some chocolate pudding in a bag and called it astronaut food. Sirena liked it, of course. Malaya didn't really even want to try. I think I burned her a few days ago when we studied taste buds and I made her try unsweetened chocolate. They both learned that not everything "chocolate" tastes good!

I've already planned out most of our schooling next week. We're mostly going to be doing Fourth of July crafts. I'm learning that the easiest way for me to teach both girls at this point is to do joint activities. So I'm trying to think of things that both will want to and be able to do together. I've started decorating the dining room for next weekend. Over the next week, we will be adding our crafts to the decorations and should be decked out for the holiday. Maybe we should invite someone over for a party!

While we were waiting for Malaya to finish writing our address in her book, I looked across the room and saw a huge spider on the wall in the dining room.
In my opinion, if I can take a picture of it, it's too big! The last spider we found like this we kept in a bug cage and fed it insects over a few days. We then released it because it was sort of a pet by then. For all I know, this is the same one. It's just a "common house spider" but they are so big they still give you the creeps. I left this one alone for Joey to get rid of when he gets home. But, now it's gone. It was right next to the drapes and I'm afraid it's going to drop off them into my hair when I walk by.

Speaking of things in the hair... Poor Sirena was in the tree house this afternoon. She came inside and started saying, "I have bird poop. I have bird poop. I have bird poop." She speaks really well for her age but sometimes it takes a while to get the whole sentence out. Finally she said, "I have bird poop on my head." Right in the middle of the top of her head was bird poop. Poor thing. It was rather funny though.

Tomorrow we're going to the beach. The girls are super excited. We now have shovels and pails to play in the sand. Hopefully it won't be terribly cold but we'll be dressed appropriately this time. I'll post pictures later.

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Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I can just hear Sirena saying that. At least she didn't come in screaming about the bird poop.